Our cooperatives in faith are changing lives and enhancing the quality of life within their community. Christian Outreach could not be more proud to call them our friends in Christ!
Our Sister is an entrepreneur and her wedding business is absolutely breathtaking indeed. She is a member of our congregation and Christian Outreach is so proud of her hard work, her dedication to her faith and her contributions to our Church!
Another cooperative partner of ours Christian Outreach could not be happier to tell you about our relationship with them. They are amazing to work with and their work in their community speaks volumes.
A public charter school that empowers the Youth being served is a blessing to the parents and guardians as well. Christian Outreach is so proud of the accomplishments of this cooperative partner.
We were introduced to Johnny Giles, the owner of Into-Reality LP by Charlotte, owner of Char-Bridals and his Team built this new website and will be consulting us, and those we refer, on an ongoing basis. We highly recommend him and his Team to everyone.

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